A hair-raising incident in Melusi village under Chief Mashayamombe in Mhondoro has left the community in jitters and wonder.

Two bodies were found at a certain homestead. One of the bodies was at a gravitated degree of decomposition and the other one was only a skeleton. The decomposing body is believed to be of the father of the family, Mr Muzozo Phiri who died last week Friday, July the 7th.

 The skeleton is believed to be of a son to the family who is believed to have died earlier on this year. What is surprising is that there are 4 people currently residing in the homestead including the mother of the family.

Narrating the story to the media, the mother said it all started when her son (the skeleton) told her that after he dies, people should not mourn him. Instead they were to let his body rest in his round thatched hut since he believed he was going resurrect.

 The family followed instructions per his prophecy. When the father died they also followed a similar instruction that the father was not to be mourned. They rested the father in his bedroom hut. The family members are strong believers of the Jowani Masowe Nguwo Tsvuku cult.

Villagers were alerted of this frightening incident by a neighbor to the family who was chocked by the smell of the decomposing body of the Father.

They had to forcefully destroy the door to the room where the father’s corpse was decomposing. Villagers have been left stunned with this incident. Police are investigating.