Online casinos significantly contribute to the global online casino industry statistics. The latest figures by industry statistics project that online gambling will hit an unprecedented 92.5 US billion dollars by 2023.

Globally renowned gambling companies are positioning themselves to reap big from this massively vibrant market. Several gaming multinationals are launching epic online casinos with fantastic offers. However, amid the rush to attract more gamers to their gambling sites, some unscrupulous operators circumvent local laws to defraud unsuspecting gamers. Rogue casinos might expose your data to unwarranted parties without your indulgence. Worse still, scam casinos are synonymous with getting away with players’ money, even after luring them with seemingly attractive offers.

This dedicated review covers the ins and outs of checking scam casinos. We endeavour to give you tips for avoiding losing your hard-earned money on shady casinos.

Common Online Casino scams

Perhaps you have heard of or experienced online casino scams. The proliferation of online casinos lately has seen the vice significantly rise. Here are five common scams you ought to be aware of

Rigged/Unfair games

Online casino games ought to be random. An unpredictable Random Number Generator determines the outcome. However, rogue casinos tamper with the outcome’s randomness. 

They offer rigged games which let you win for a while and later get away with your money. In some instances, scam casinos insert a tweaked code in the practice games to entice players with good returns. Once they start playing real money games, they alter the game and lose their stake in one unfortunate sweep.

To avoid rigged online slots, ensure to play in online casinos with trusted software providers. Check for game developers like Microgaming, NetEnt, or Playtech, as these are known to supply games to legit casinos.

Non-payment of Winnings and Deposit Theft

Deposit theft occurs when an online casino baits you with incredible offers to make a deposit. Afterwards, it makes it extremely hard to withdraw. Online casinos notorious for deposit theft freezes or deactivates your account without a compelling reason. Their customer support is unresponsive even when contactable. Such casinos subject you to tiresome and endless processes to reactivate the account.

Outright non-payment are familiar with blacklisted casinos. A gambling site might withhold your jackpot or big bet winnings for illegitimate reasons. Once you have won, the site goes mute. They neither respond to your calls nor emails. Some can blatantly refuse to pay, quoting misleading and vague clauses in their terms.

Identity Theft

Identity theft is not unique to the gambling industry. Across industries, individuals have lost millions of dollars through scammers. Online casino scams can expose your financial data or personal details to hackers. When registering, they will not ask for personal details. Scams wait until you have won a significant stake. They then ask for ID to verify the real owner as this is part of global KYC involving large transfers. Unknown to you, they can use your details to develop your cloned credit cards and easily get away with your cash.

Predatory terms and arbitrary term changes

Predatory terms like 100X wagering requirements should be your red flags. Some online casinos issue predatory terms like unrealistic caps on amounts you can win with a bonus. They could also put shady limits on the amounts winnable per round.

Arbitrary changes of terms also constitute gambling scams. Be on the lookout for unscrupulous casinos with misleading terms changeable as the need arises. They usually quote this clause to change terms to their favour whenever a conflict with the player arises.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Legit casinos

Trustworthy online casinos have identifiable features that can help you differentiate a legitimate casino from an illegal one. Here are some features to consider.

Check The Online Casino Reviews

A legitimate online casino has reviews from existing players. A quick internet search on our site, for instance, covers top-rated casinos alongside their reviews. A legit casino is open to player reviews. Illegal casinos mostly disable the review option on their sites to avoid exposure to their scam activities.

Consider The Security Measures

Minimum deposit casinos have their websites encrypted with SSL technology, securing all your transaction details and personal information. Encryption provides a secure link between your browser and casino servers. This secure link prevents hackers from accessing or stealing your details. Check for a small padlock in the URL toolbar to determine whether a casino website is SSL encrypted.

To ensure player security, casinos in the UK must be PCI DSS compliant. PCI DSS (Payment cards Industry Data Security Standard) is required for online casino sites accepting payments via popular cards like MasterCard or Visa. PCI ensures that casinos store, process, and transmit credit/debit card cards in an ultimately secure environment.

Look Out for Casino License

Well-known licensing bodies usually license the best online casinos. The UK gambling commission, Malta Gaming Authority and Curacao e-Gaming licenses are a few examples of online gaming licensing bodies. Details regarding casino licenses are mainly captured at the bottom of the casino website. Such details include the licensing body, license number and effective dates.

Check Whether Games are Audited

You can check whether a casino is legit or not by looking at the game-testing third parties embraced by the casino. Casino sites bearing logos for bodies like eCOGRA or Gaming Labs International (GLI) are an indication that games have been subjected to independent audits for fairness.

Legit Casino Checks in Conclusion

Casino safety is a prime consideration by prospective and existing players. Nowadays, the online gaming environment has significantly evolved. As you research for a new casino, keep in mind scams that are out to rob your money. Look out for reviews, licensing status, and software providers supplying games. Always be sceptical of huge reload bonuses by non-reviewed platforms. All in all, casino scams should cause you sleepless nights as regulatory authorities are alert round the clock to stamp out rogue operators.