Cameras were set rolling in Harare to record episodes of free drama acted by a woman who allegedly bit her co-tenants finger in a fight that broke out when she was found in possession of her co-tenants under garments.

What started as a misunderstanding over a Zesa prepaid meter between two tenants who reside at the same house, took a nasty twist when Miriam Charama, was found in possession of Memory Bakuza’s under wear.

The H-Metro reports that, Charama allegedly bit  Bakuza’s finger after she had been quizzed on how she was in possession of the undergarments.

Appearing  before Harare Magistrate Yeukai Nzuda, charged with assault, Charama was fined $100 and risks being jailed 30 days if she fails to pay the fine.

The court heard that on March 28 this year at around 7pm, Charama and Bakuza had a misunderstanding over the issue of safe keeping of a Zesa prepaid meter.

Bakuza sent her daughter to put it into Charama’s bedroom without her consent, who supposedly found the accused in possession of the underwear.

What triggered the fracas was that Charama was found in possession of the complainants underwear.

Bakuza then inquired how Charama was in possession of of her underwear and the latter bit her. Bakuza reported the matter to the police leading to the  arrest off Charama, Bakuza was then referred to the hospital for treatment.Hmetro