Holy Ten-Kimberly marriage given ‘5 Years maximum, till money or fame runs out’

Holy Ten has paid US$15 000 as bride price lobola for his fiancée Kimberly Richards in Bulawayo, various sources revealed.

Kimberly is reportedly pregnant, and expecting the couple’s first child.


SHADHAYA..IT Will not end well

“Marrying an ‘IT’ girl never ends well
As MacG said no one in their right mind marries an ‘IT’ girls
When you marry an ‘IT’ girl, it’s NOT:
‘Till dEath do us apart’
‘Till money or fame runs out’
5yrs max age, of such marriages
Don’t try to turn a ho3 into a housewife”

He added, “As a man, if you don’t yet understand that a wOman’s value is in her past & that marrying a refurbished ho3, when you’ve achieved some level of financial success or fame, then you’ve earned your right to be fxcked, cause you will be. Only a matter of WHEN not IF. Learn or perish!”