Herbert Chakanyuka (57) has appeared in court today for negligent driving after a hit and run incident in Harare involving a minor.

Chakanyuka, appeared in a video that went viral on social media showing the hit and run incident.

The accident took place recently at the intersection of Borrowdale Road and Harare Drive, and Chakanyuka was remanded out of custody pending the availing of a medical affidavit of the victim.

The accused, is facing negligent driving and failure to stop after an accident charges.

In his defence, he told the court that he did not run away from the scene, but parked his car at a distance before he realised that the child had been removed from the accident scene.

He added that he did not notice the child as he focused on the traffic lights which had just turned green.

The court awaits the medical affidavit of the victim, 7 year old Mitchelle Kamupfumo, who in a police statement is said to be alive, but was seriously injured. -zbc