By Jane Moora: Sex is an integral part of one’s life. It is not just about reproduction but also about pleasure and intimacy. When we talk about intimacy between two people, it is also essential to know that many people have happy and healthy relationships with having sex. It is not a sign that your partner does not love you. Besides, sex has numerous health benefits such as lowering blood pressure, burning calories, increasing heart health, strengthening muscles, reducing your risk of heart disease, stroke, hypertension, libido, etc. And when we talk about pleasure, in a new study, we have also learned that women who have Cannabis more often have better sex.

There are numerous ways of making sex better to enjoy it to the fullest, health-wise or pleasure-wise. It has been claimed that frequent intake of Cannabis will improve sexual functions and provide increased satisfaction and orgasm. However, one should not take it without a doctor’s prescription. Overdose of such can be lethal for your health. Here are five ways to help you have a better sexual experience.

Ways to make sex better

If you go for Cannabis or any other health supplement, it is best to seek your doctor’s help. If you want to know more about these products, View more in this article. He will help you in the correct direction without letting you face any side effects. In addition to that, it is imperative to purchase Delta 8-infused products and related products from authentic sources.

They should be of higher quality and should not hamper your health. By taking all these precautions, you will enjoy your sexual life in the best manner. But, apart from Delta 8-infused products, let us see some other ways to make sex better.

1.Initiate sex more often:

Don’t expect your partner to always make the first move. It is both the partners’ responsibility to make the sex good. Drop obvious hints to your partner, touch lovingly, and be demanding. There is a dry spell in many long-term relationships, and nobody is initiating the sex. It leads to both the partners feeling undesired. However, everybody deserves to feel desired. The solution to this is simple, talk about how you want to initiate sex, how frequently you want to do it, what kind of touch makes you feel good, etc. It will improve your sex life.

2.Be clear about what you and your partner want:

Here, good communication is essential for good quality and quantity of sex. Communicating your needs, even in general ways, will help the relationship grow stronger and build trust. It is significant for a healthy relationship to express your sexual needs. Such communications can be directing your partner about what to do and what not to do. Since your partner is doing so for your pleasure, it is okay to tell them what you like. It may seem rude and like their feelings will get hurt, but it is okay; after all, it is about having a healthy relationship. It is also necessary to listen to your partner if they give you direction; you also please your partner. Always appreciate clear communication.

3.Try doing it in different places:

Sex does not have to be within the four walls of your romantic bedroom set that we see in movies. As much as we try to control our emotions, it is difficult to control our sexual desires; never forget how sexy being spontaneous be. Doing it outside the four walls can make the sex unforgettable. Doing it whenever and wherever can spice up your sex life to new levels. It is fun doing it on the countertops, showers, couch, or even outside the house (if you feel comfortable, dive in). Try having sex in public places. Experiencing these things may spark up your relationship.

4.Always have good foreplay:

Though many of you may enjoy a nice quickie, it is essential to know that sex is not just about short periods. Giving time to the process of sex will help it turn into a beautiful experience. Extending the foreplay will turn you and your partner on as it builds up the anticipation of actually having sex. Include sex toys in your foreplay, making the sex even more fun. If you are missing the foreplay, you are missing out on one of the best parts of sex. Also, where on the one hand, the men get aroused in just a few minutes, women take a longer time to get to that state. Apart from fun and pleasure, foreplay is also essential in natural ways. From hugging, kissing, and gentle caressing to going oral and then undressing, everything is a part of foreplay.


5.Try out different things:

Push your boundaries a little, and go beyond what you usually do. Trying out new and different ways or things while having sex will spice up your sex life. Having sex in different positions will help you give extreme pleasure; other places feel different and provide a different kind of orgasm. It will make you feel more aroused. Use lubricants to make the sex smoother, and one can avoid painful sex. Try different styles, share fantasies, talk dirty, indulge in light bondage, dress up, go rough sometimes, and add something tasty. Explore what you like the most; this will help you understand your body better.


Sex is not just about having fun, but it is also good for your health. Every orgasm releases the hormone oxytocin, which improves your mood. So why not have fun while doing it. One should put in all the efforts to enhance and spice up their sex life. Just talk to your partner, tell them what you want, don’t be afraid to try out new stuff, be spontaneous, and be playful. There is no shame in asking for what you want, and one should always long for excellent sex.