Image credit: Zimlive

BULAWAYO – A headmistress who shared a revealing picture of her nether regions on WhatsApp faces investigation by the ministry of education, an official said.

Married Stella Mhlanga, who heads Kumalo Primary School in Bulawayo, has apologised over the incident which she blamed on someone who had access to her phone.

An uncensored picture of Mhlanga’s privates briefly popped up on her WhatsApp status to the horror of some of her contacts, including teachers and parents with children at her school.

She later took down the picture, but not before some of her contacts had saved it and forwarded it to their friends.

A contrite Mhlanga posted a new status apologising.

She wrote: “Good evening, sorry for what was posted on the status, someone had borrowed my phone.

“My sincere apologies people. It’s not my character and I don’t post such in my status. Please delete.”

Primary and secondary education ministry spokesman Taungana Ndoro told the Sunday News:

“We have the due processes which we have to follow in such situations hence we have already established a committee to investigate her.

“She will also say her side of the story, after which the necessary intervention will be prescribed to her.

“However, I must say such behaviour if true is inconsistent with such positions. Such people look after our children and must be exemplary to the community.” Zimlive