Mai TT real name Felistas Murata says she was blocked from contacting Tinashe Maphosa after demanding a divorce.

She also accused Tinashe of sleeping with one of her best friends.

Following her demands, Tinashe, through his legal team, is said to have served her with a warning to take down all negative posts, from her social media platforms, which tarnish his image.

Mai TT was also blocked from contacting Tinashe and ordered to stop live videos talking about him.

She was also warned not to mention his name for 24 hours.Tinashe is also claiming an undisclosed amount of money.

Mai TT said she was not moved by all the warnings since she wants her money and divorce, and will continue to display her bitterness.

In an interview yesterday, after her Facebook Live talking about her present challenges with Tinashe, she said:

“After my wedding, I was booked to be an MC at a wedding in Victoria Falls in April.

“I left home only to come and find out that Tinashe had left.

“I then discovered that my money was missing.

“He admitted to taking US$30 000 from my house.

“That US$30 000 was meant for a cooperative and he has not yet paid back my money.”

She added:

“Tinashe is now sending summons, with warnings and threats.

“He thinks that will stop me from asking for my money.

“Even blocking me will not stop me from asking for my money back.

“All I am asking of him is to sign divorce papers and give me back my money, then I stay out of his life.