Unedited letter from Kariba residents association chairperson Mr Sam Mawawo.


Dear Hon Minister RE: CORRUPTION OF KARIBA MAYOR: Cllr George Masendu

We refer to the above reference. It is with utmost regret that the Mayor His Worship Councilor George Masendu has reached alarming levels of corruption in the Municipality of Kariba.

He has advocated nepotism, corruption and hate but above all partisan politics. He has departed from his role as the administration duty in council but politicizing the whole system and promoting divisions and corruption within the local authority.

The following things have to be noted and addressed with expedience before Kariba Town standards deteriorate.

1) Since inception as Mayor he has been using his own personal vehicle for council business without using a council pool car/vehicle. Despite there being purported to have been a resolution which was illegally put in place he has been hiring out his vehicle which he is benefitting whilst council has a vehicle which he can use. Council has no revenue but he has been inconsiderate because hiring out his vehicle shows that he is not considerate to his role as a policy maker. His vehicle did not go through the process of tender and procurement. All the legalities pertaining use of his vehicle have not been exercised.

2) He seems to have choose to partner with directors of the council and he has since been making decisions without consulting other councilors and also the Minister/Ministry.

3) Investigations have to be made in how he has acquired a stand illegally.

4) He has advocated to give polling agents of his political party part time jobs in council without considering the residents. KARIBA INCORPORATED AREA RESIDENTS RATEPAYERS ASSOCIATION MUNICIPALITY OF KARIBA +263 8644243122/263785545261/ 263733179360

5) He has actually insighted other councilors to go against the Ministerial directive without consulting the Minister, only two councillors refused to be part of this because they wanted the Minister’s approval first.

6) The latest case is that of nudes sent by the deputy mayor on social media, and because they are from the same political party he has failed to caution or discipline her.

7) The Mayor does not respect the Presidium and he is known to have been speaking ill of the President of Zimbabwe HE President ED Mnangagwa and does not respect protocol in kariba district. It is in this regard that we request a commission of inquiry and that the Mayor be investigated for corrupt activities.

Thank you for your usual assistance. Yours faithfully SAMU MAWAWO KIARRA EXECUTIVE CHAIRMAN

Cc: Hon Marry Mliswa, Mash West Provincial State Affairs Minister

D.A Kariba