MDC-T says it has noted with concern what they say was the unlawful attempts to take over Morgan Tsvangirai House formerly Harvest House by an alleged sponsored group of unruly elements at the behest of the G40 sponsored Alliance outfit.

The MDC – says by operation of law, they have secured a court order.

“We reiterate that as constitutionalists we do not condone lawlessness and those found wanting will be dealt with accordingly,” said the party which is led by Thokozani Khupe.

The party claimed that it is clear that the reactionary element led by the Nelson Chamisa group, which had, for some strange reason, imagined the SC judgement as being moot, has suddenly woken up to a rude reality.

“Now they are admitting that in fact their leader, Nelson ascended to MDC leadership illegally and is therefore illegitimate.

“It is now clear to them all that Nelson has been leading them through a garden path,” said the party.

The party alleges that the Alliance is now feeling the betrayal resulting from their blind loyalty to the personality cult of Nelson Chamisa.

“Above all they also admit that after all there was never a party called MDC Alliance that they could claim ownership of. It has been cold out there for them.

“They have seen how the people’s project is taking shape and returning to its values in the wake of the Mashavira court challenge.

“Nelson has failed to provide them warmth and they have now decided to troop back to their home through the backdoor.

“We welcome anybody that had been misled by Nelson and wants to come back.

“The failed attempt at taking over MRT house by a group of sponsored unruly youths smacks of yet another leadership coup by the Chamisa’s outfit,” said the party.

The party said, as a social democratic party, it condemns lawlessness in the strongest terms and advise those that want to come back to do so through normal civil channels.

“The MDC has never condoned anarchy and will not tolerate invasions in whatever form,” added the in a statement issued by its Information and Communication Department.