A  sex party that took place in the Harare suburb of Kuwadzana was raided at midnight by the police over the weekend following a tip-off.

A flier for the party had been circulating on social media and a total of sixteen people, six women, and ten men were nabbed by police officers with some caught red-handed in the act on Saturday night.

According to H-Metro, one 35-year-old Reyn Mabva is the owner of the house where the sex party took place.

Thokozani Tshuma 24, Shylet Simba, Lucia Nyakutiswa 36, Loveness Zindi 34, and Sithatisiwe Kufa, 21 are some of the ladies who were arrested while Luis Zvanhasi, 24, Daniel Divala 23, Alexio Chibanda 41, Munashe Masawi 25, Praisemore Makuni, 39, Samuel Makore 37, Paul Nhodza 35, Reyn Mabva, 35 and Mark Tafirenyika, 32 and Edward Kanengoni, 29 are some of the men who were arrested.

The party was reportedly the brainchild of one Moleen Mashingaidze who allegedly posted the advertisement on social networks.

“Bring only $20 to f**k all the ladies, Ecocash 200 RTGS to join the update group and ensure your commitment, 200 Rtgs will be used to buy co**oms and toiletries. Zondo and cold beer available at store price, Come and let’s have fun ana Daddy”, said a message posted online.

Police spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the arrests adding that the house owner Reyn Mabva will be charged for turning his house into a brothel while the party organizer, Moleen Mashingaidze will be charged for disorderly conduct.

Police recovered and confiscated a plastic bag full of condoms and US$85.

The image above is of a wife who visited her husband at Harare Magistrates Court, he is part of the 16 who were arrested for participating in a sex party.