On Monday, 68-year-old security guard Takawira Gift Muzvidziwa was fatally attacked by four pit bulls at a business premises in Waterfalls along Sherwood Crescent, according to 263Chat.

His body was discovered with multiple injuries.

Pit bull attacks have made headlines in South Africa, prompting revenge attacks on the dogs and calls from politicians to ban the breed.

This taps into a history of white owners using dogs to intimidate and attack black South Africans.

However, it’s important to note that other breeds have also been deemed too dangerous for South African society in the past, such as German shepherds and boerboels.

In 1983, Parow attempted to ban several breeds, including Rottweilers and bull terriers, but vets pointed out that Labradors and Pekinese were responsible for most bites.

While breed specific legislation and dangerous dog laws are long term solutions, it’s essential to recognize that any dog can inflict harm or death on a human, especially those with a strong, muscular frame, broad head, and bite-and-hold fighting tactic.