The Zimbabwe Republic Police on Thursday descended on drug syndicates which includes drug suppliers and drug pushers in Harare’s CBD.

Drug peddlers have permanent features in sprouting shopping malls all over the CBD and the market includes vendors, touts, school children and even members of the security forces.

The dealers were found in possession of large quantities of Broncleer (cough syrup) that is being abused by youths to get intoxicated.

Members of the public told this publication that the peddlers work in well-orchestrated syndicates led by influential individuals.

“This (arrest) is not genuine, their boss will pay bribe before they even get to Central (police station),” revealed an onlooker.

During the raid, an unidentified man came and negotiated for the culprits’ release.

Popular drug spots include Copacabana, White House (located along Chinhoyi Street) and the Big Tree located at the corner of Fifth Street and Herbert Chitepo Avenue where dealers trade freely.