A tragic incident unfolded in Highfield as Norman Nyama lost his life following a violent confrontation with his wife’s relatives. The altercation erupted when Norman allegedly caught his wife, Grace Maparangu, in a compromising situation with her married uncle on Sunday.

Reportedly, Norman insulted Grace’s mother upon discovering the situation, which in turn led Grace to organize an attack on Norman with the assistance of her relatives. The assault left Norman in critical condition, and he was rushed to Sally Mugabe Central Hospital, where he tragically passed away the following day.

Grace told H-Metro that Norman had undressed her mother and that angered the whole family.

“Ndakaita zvandakaita handirambe tikagadziriswa tikagarisana asi haangatukirire amai vangu nezvinyadzi kudaro,” said Grace.

“Everyone was angered. 

“He ended up taking poison after he was assaulted by my relatives.

“I know that you have been informed about what took place that day. I have no other comment, write what they told you,” Grace said.

Grace’s incestuous affair was reportedly her fourth adulterous affair according to a video that circulated on social media four months ago after she was assaulted when caught naked with another married man.

Norman and Grace had a history of domestic violence, with their cases becoming a frequent occurrence at Machipisa Police Station. Despite living together for 12 years, the couple had no children.

Remarkably, Grace refused to attend Norman’s funeral, citing concerns about outstanding lobola (bride price) and her apprehension about potential retaliation from his relatives.

Norman’s body remains awaiting a post-mortem examination, and the incident has attracted significant media attention.