A 15-year-old Warren Park 1 girl was electrocuted on Tuesday evening while walking barefooted in flowing water.

National police spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, confirmed the incident.

“The ZRP reports a sad incident in which a 15-year-old female juvenile was electrocuted while walking barefooted in flowing water.

“She was electrocuted while trying to retrieve her sandals which had been swept away by rainwater in Warren Park 1,” he said.

Ass Comm Nyathi said further investigations are underway.

However, a witness told H-Metro that the girl was trapped in a trench which ZESA employees left uncovered.

“A few minutes after it had stopped raining, the girl left home with her sisters to go and retrieve her sandals in the flooded trench.

“People watched the two sisters trying to pull the one who was being electrocuted, and saw that they too were also being electrocuted.

“By the time people got to the trench, it was already too late, as the young girl was already dead. We tried to put her into the car and take her to hospital thinking she might still be revived, but it was difficult because her leg that got in contact with the naked live cables would not bend,” said the witness.

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