The main opposition party in Zimbabwe Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) says Southern African Development Community (SADC) leaders should train their telescope and deliberations on the country without fear or favour.

The party says Zimbabwe is under volatile post-election period which presents a danger to regional peace and tranquility.

The CCC led by Nelson Chamisa has petitioned to SADC over Zimbabwe’s recent polls complaining about the process and results, saying they were badly flawed and fraudulent.

The SADC election observer mission said Zimbabwe’s elections did not meet basic requirements of the country’s constitution, Electoral Act and the regional bloc’s principles and guidelines governing democratic elections.

Zimbabwe is a party to the SADC Treaty – which establishes SADC itself – and attendant protocols and has obligations to meet.

So it can be held accountable if it breaches those obligations or abdicates its responsibilities.

The SADC report on Zimbabwe’s elections was done by a team led by former Zambian deputy president Nevers Mumba.

It was handed over to Zambian President Hakainde Hichilema in his capacity as SADC troika of the organ on politics, defence and security cooperation chair.

Zimbabwe’s ruling Zanu PF and government officials, assisted by their sympathisers, went on a vilification campaign against Mumba and Hichilema in reaction to the report.

Apparently, SADC held an extraordinary meeting on Zimbabwe’s just disputed elections yesterday.

However, the regional body went on to shower Mnangagwa with praises saying he conducted and won examplarly elections.

Be that as it may, SADC leaders stand accused of protecting each other despite human rights abuses by some member states.