ZewNews is receiving reports of violent clashes between police and vendors in the Midlands City of Gweru. A video message posted to the site shows members of the public throwing stones at police officers who were charging at them with button sticks asking vendors to vacate the city centre.

Activists blame ZANU PF for trying to settle election scores the wrong way after its candidates and president lost elections in Midlands cities. A vendor said going by the name Musa said the city centre is far from Mkoba so police should not blame them for typhoid affecting people over 10KMs away from the vendors.

An observer who witnessed the clashes said the situation in the city does not look good:

“The situation in the Gweru CBD is not good.  ZRP is trying to remove the vendors from the streets but vendors are retaliating by throwing stones to the both City Council Police and ZRP.”

Meanwhile, over 50 cases of typhoid are being reported daily at Gweru’s health facilities.

The deadly disease surfaced in Gweru few weeks ago affecting Mkoba 15, 18 and 20.

Over 10 people have died so far.