GWERU: Intertoll Zimbabwe, southern region manager Marvin Moyo has allegedly been suspended from work as the company investigates s_ex scandal allegations levelled against him.

The suspension is with effect from April 15, 2019 and the allegations involve women who worked under him, according to a notice  seen by agencies.
Speaking about the case South African based Intertoll Public Relations Officer Isabella Makuta said:

“This matter is still being processed in line with our company disciplinary procedures. We are however not at liberty to disclose details on internal matters involving our employees to you, suffice to say( as previously highlighted in my last email to you), that allegations of this nature are viewed in a very serious light by our company; and get fully investigated and handled in line with our disciplinary code.”

An internal communication written by George Blessing Mufuka (Intertoll Zimbabwe Tolling Operations Manager) to Joseph Mafaruke (Operations manager and copied to all tollgate plazas under Moyo’s supervision  confirms the suspension.

“Kindly note that Mr Moyo has been suspended from duty as from 15 April pending investigations into allegations of certain misconduct. Please deal with Mr Masenge and myself for all operations issues that require attention from the West.” .