In a sad scenario, a 30-year-old man from Gweru allegedly hanged himself with a rope from a roof truss at his lodgings after he had killed his wife over suspected infidelity.

It is understood that Pride Hove axed his estranged wife Patience Matura (22) once on the neck after she had reportedly received a love message on the phone- an issue which angered the former, resulting in a heated exchange of words.

It is understood that efforts by a third party, who spent two hours with the couple that was on separation, did not pay any dividends as Hove went on to axe Matura.

According to Midlands provincial police spokesperson Joel Goko, the deaths occurred on Monday this week.

He said on Monday at around 2AM, Hove’s landlord, Swedi Phiri who was also his uncle was in Masvingo when he called his neighbour Mr Tobias Mavhunduka (64) of house number 697 Hertfordshire Suburb in Gweru asking him to go and check on the couple since he heard that they were having a domestic dispute.

“Mr Mavhunduka allegedly proceeded to the house to try to solve the dispute. The dispute was started when Pride Hove allegedly saw some text messages in Patience Matura’s phone and suspected that she was having an affair with someone,” the provincial police publicist said.

Goko said Mr Mavhunduka allegedly returned to his place of residence after about two hours of trying to counsel the couple.

He further added that on the same day at around 2PM, Inspector Goko said Phiri arrived in Gweru from Masvingo and proceeded home.

“Upon arrival, he saw Hove’s body hanging from the roof truss through the window of the dining room and immediately proceeded to Gweru Central Police to make a report. He didn’t enter the house since all doors were locked. Police officers attended the scene,” he said.

When the police allegedly entered the house, Goko said, they found the body hanging.

And, after they proceeded to one of the bedrooms they then found Matura lying dead on the floor in a pool of blood with an axe on her neck.

“The scene was attended by CID details. It is suspected Pride Phiri allegedly struck his wife once on the neck with an axe and she died on the spot before he committed suicide by hanging self on the roof trusses,” Goko said.

Subsequently, the bodies were taken to Gweru Provincial Hospital where they were certified dead.

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