The Municipality of Marondera has resolved to shelve the sewer reticulation upgrading exercise saying the disbursed devolution funds are not enough.

According to acting Town Clerk Rinashe Nyamuzihwa’s report, Marondera was allocated ZWL$30m devolution funds which council channeled towards addressing sewer problems.

The upgrade exercise was supposed to result in 12km of sewer pipe system being upgraded, that is from the CBD to Elmswood area.

However, Nyamuzihwa said the ZWL$30m devolution funds will only cover about 60m hence the need for more funds.

Speaking during a full council meeting held recently, councillors said the devolution funds must instead be directed to other projects other that sewer reticulation upgrade.

The councillors said if few metres are done, then the project will become a white elephant hence the need to source enough funds for the whole sewer project.

Marondera has been grappling with sewer bursts both in the CBD and residential areas for a long time.

Council says the blame lies with the growing population in the town which does not correspond with both aging water and sewer reticulation system.