The Parliament of Zimbabwe has cancelled a ‘corrupt’ laptops deal after outcry, however the government could still be penalised, a renowned lawyer has said.

Fadzayi Mahere believes the deal could not have been done in the first place as now it is going to be costly for the government either way.

“Heads must definitely roll. Theoretically, Parliament can be sued for breach of contract.

“That would mean they pay damages to the value of the laptops they’d agreed to purchase.

“The taxpayer bears the brunt of it. Such mala fides & gross incompetence can’t go unpunished,” she says.

The Parliament has cancelled the awarding of a tender to two companies at inflated prices for the supply of laptops and desktops.

Parliament was to pay US$9,000 for each laptop in an order for 173, however the move was reversed after public outcry.