A 53-year-old Guruve man was struck and killed by a stray brick that was thrown during a fight between two brothers that he was watching.

Police said Tongai Magocha was watching a fistfight between Edward Chiyanike and his elder brother Encos Chiyanike at Tenanog Farm Shops on Monday when tragedy struck. Police said:

Police in Guruve have arrested Edward Chiyanike (33) in connection with a case of murder in which the victim, Tongai Magocha (53) died on 23/05/23 after being struck with a brick on the head on 22/05/23 at Tenanog Farm Shops.

The suspect was fighting with his elder brother, Encos Chiyanike (40) when an onlooker, Nyasha Mapfumo (25) refrained the duo from fighting.

This did not go well with the suspect who picked the brick and threw it towards Nyasha Mapfumo, who dodged the brick resulting in it hitting the victim.