Former husband to Zimbabwe First Lady has launched another attack on the presidency of Robert Mugabe.

According to his latest statement on a social blog, Julius Malema’s comment against Zanu PF’S cowardice is spot on.

“Hypocrites are usually cowards and cowards are always liars who don’t mean what they say and say what they don’t mean. There is absolutely no defense for putting a 93 year old man to the punitive job of President,” he wrote.

He also pointed to the fact that Mugabe is now physically gone and has lost capacity to act and work independently highlighting that he is now incapable of simple things such as walking and turning soil to plant a tree.

The father to Grace Mugabe’s first born son went on to say that President Mugabe is now very old and way past his rest time and should be told the truth be it pleasant or unpleasant.

Goreraza took time to expose Zanu PF as the root of Zimbabwe’s problems.
“Truth will never be told in Zanu PF because nothing is more feared there than the truth. The truth would mean waking Zanu pf from its dreams, fictitious dreams which everyone is required to believe in,” he added.

Mugabe’s office and family does not usually respond to Goreraza’s statements.

In 2006, Mugabe married his former secretary, Grace Marufu,  with whom he already had two children; she first became pregnant by Mugabe while he was still married to his first wife, Sally, and while Grace was married to Stanley Goreraza, now a diplomat in Asia.