South Africa backs Army takeover..Mugabe gone tomorrow,,REPORTS…

Opposition officials told the Guardian that they believed Mugabe would resign on Friday, allowing Mnangagwa to be appointed president, with Morgan Tsvangirai, the leader of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party, serving as prime minister in a transitional government that would have a three- to five-year term.

The president and his family would be offered protection in his retirement, though Grace Mugabe is expected to leave Zimbabwe.

Members of the first lady’s “G40 faction”, who were detained during the military takeover, are to be prosecuted in accordance with the law, the officials said.

The biggest regional power, South Africa, appears to have backed the army. South African envoys are in Harare to help with negotiations to form a new government and decide the terms of Mugabe’s resignation. South Africa has also called an emergency meeting of the Southern African Development Community regional bloc, which have got under way in Botswana.

Though the military move has been cautiously welcomed by many Zimbabweans and the streets were once again quiet on Thursday, there are growing public demands for the senior military officers who led the takeover to lay out their plans.

Earlier we reported>>>Unconfirmed reports are that a deal is being finalized between Gen Constantino Chiwenga, Robert Mugabe and South African officials.

It appears Mugabe’s demands for safe passage for his family have been granted.

Final details might be confirmed in a few hours.

Meanwhile a group of war vets and Emmerson Mnangagwa supporters have appeared in  a video celebrating the fall of Robert Mugabe.
This happened after a source involved in negotiations informed them that Mugabe had agreed to resign.