Mugabe’s wife supports  Mnangagwa Presidency?

Zimbabwe First Lady, Doctor Amai Grace Mugabe, surprised many people in her party when she for the first time, showed her support for Vice President Emmerson  Mnangagwa yesterday.

While in the company of her husband President Mugabe, Grace revealed to Zanu PF women and all who cared to listen that she does not have the stomach to fight hard man Mnangagwa for the country’s top job.

She told the women’s league national assembly meeting in Harare that she fully supported Mnangagwa as she condemned G40 officials plotting his ouster before 2018.

But what could be the reason for her sudden u-turn?

Unknown to many Zanu PF supporters, VP Mnangagwa, as revealed online last month, is all set for the party’s top post.

Sources close to the development have also indicated that Mnangagwa will have General Constantino Chiwenga as his first deputy.

It was further revealed that behind Chiwenga is Grace Mugabe, she will work as the second Vice President.

Following pressure from war veterans and Mnangagwa backers in the security services, “Mugabe agreed to have his wife Grace, appointed to the position of vice president as condition for his exit, after the security establishment advised that to avoid a transitional authority, VP Emmerson Mnangagwa, is better placed to rescue the party from losing power, by reforming Zanu PF,” said two government ministers on condition of anonymity.

“Mnangagwa who has reportedly received political backing from Brussels, Washington, London, Beijing, Tehran and Pretoria was ready to be President and he has picked Zimbabwe Defence Forces Commander, General Constantino Chiwenga, as one of the his deputies,”said the sources.

Looking at the above developments vis a vis the way Mugabe relates to VP Mnangagwa, it is very likely that Mugabe is about to leave everything in the hands of the young man he has enjoyed father and son relationship for five decades.

The man after his own heart, Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa. revealed few days ago how Mnangagwa shares the same political and personality DNA with Mugabe.

When Mugabe publicly humiliated G40 faction strongman Saviour Kasukuwere  many were left wondering if Grace had stabbed her allies in the back and switched sides to join a formidable military backed Team Lacoste faction.

Judging from her statement guaranteeing Mnangagwa survival and her show of affection to his wife Auxillia(see picture below), one can conclude that Grace has finally found Mnangagwa; her new number one man, as she fights for survival and a future in the soon to come Post President Mugabe Era.