Grace Mugabe’s first husband ‘Goreraza’ explains why Tsvangirai must step down

Whenever the truth is against Morgan Tsvangirai and the opposition, mainly the MDC, it is brushed aside or cosmetically explained away, even by the media, mostly the Daily News.

Cde Tsvangirai is suffering from a very aggressive cancer and that is the reality. He is in and out of hospital. The best thing for him is to step down, both for his and the oppositions sake. If Mr Mugabe had come out publicly to reveal he had cancer and was in and out of hospital, there would be outrage with everyone calling on him to step down for the sake and good of the country.

Even if Cde Tsvangirai won next years elections, we could end up with the Nigerian situation where he would spend most of his time in hospital and that would again make us look back as a country, the same with electing a 94 year old to the position of President.

The opposition and it’s alliance are also not looking at this sad situation strategically. What if Cde Tsvangirai’s health takes a turn for the worse two months or two weeks before elections and it becomes national news, then what? Things could necessitate a new leader by throwing Cde Tsvangirai out of the race months or even weeks before elections what will be the plan, fielding a virtually unknown against Robert Mugabe? It would be a whitewash as most of opposition supporters would not even bother turning up to vote! stanley goreraza