Grace Mugabe’s first husband speaks on Mawarire arrest

Dramatic developments in Zimbabwe in a little over 24 hours. The bond note crashes sending prices soaring with reported shortages and Pastor Mawarire is arrested for a Facebook post.

I don’t know if Pastor Mawarire is responsible for the latest economic implosion that he is arrested but certainly that will make nothing better, if anything it will get unwanted world attention.

What I know for sure is it’s election season and Zanupf will respond the best way it knows and that is a crack down on forex dealers, retailers and others suspected of being economic saboteurs. I sent some one money via Ecocash and they complained 30% of the money was deducted by Ecocash agents which is daylight robbery.

Things in Zimbabwe have been bad since the nineties up until today.

It has never been up to Zanupf on which way to go and what to do to save Zimbabwe. It has always been up to ordinary Zimbabweans to agree on a course of actions and unite in executing these actions. There has never been a more opportune time. War veterans want nothing to do with Zanupf, many have left Zanupf, Zanupf itself is in a civil war and there is an opposition alliance. What is missing is energy to fuel the people and leadership. There appears to be no leadership at all and this has been the case for a long time now.

Zimbabwe is yours people. It is you who decide which way it should go and its time you did that.

Things are what they are because you let one man decide for you for 38 years with you saying nothing when your say should have been the most important and the decider.