By Stanley Goreraza: Do not read the Montlanthe Commission’s report with preconceived expectations, comparing it with your own report which you filed in your mind. Read it with the scales in your mind balanced.

Apparently fuel pump stations were attacked in organized and coordinated attacks and the number of deaths could have been much much higher and disastrous. It was all pre-planned by organized people who blended with ordinary civilians. Their agenda was one, chaos and making Zimbabwe ungovernable by setting Harare on fire. They can deny it and plead ignorance but it is clear it was them who directed all that trouble from the shadows. People were obviously going to die from the events they set into motion, but that was not their concern.

I thought the report sounds truthful, objective and non sided. I also thought the reports recommendations are remedial and must be put to action like yesterday.

Zimbabweans killed Zimbabweans on the 1st of August. Zimbabweans killed Zimbabweans during Gukurahundi. Zimbabweans have been killing Zimbabwe all along. It’s not the West or Imperialism responsible for all our problems but us. It is only us who can solve our own problems.

There is a choice between perpetual political stalemate joined to chaos and disfunction, and dialogue.

Mature and spirit leveled leaders like Engineer Mudzuri recognize the progressive and remedial need for dialogue and cordial communication through interactions necessitated by unavoidable National duty. Whilst degenerates and anarchists like Chalton Hwende and Lovemore Chinoputsa prefer upping tensions and temperatures. Their immaturity growing out of ignorance and irrational positions born out of dry wisdom.

A united Zimbabwe is unavoidable as it is the very first step towards any economic solution.

The fools found in both Zanupf and the Mdc are what keeps Zimbabweans divided through their foolish and divisive and irresponsible utterances and actions. Promoters of division like Hwende and Paul Mangwana do not belong in leadership because they don’t bring people together. They are the poison in the veins of Zimbabwe. They must be silenced and sidelined to give Zimbabwe a breathing chance to bring together her children.

stanley goreraza