Stanley Goreraza: Jim Kunaka has opened up a can of worms. There are so many of these cans that are yet to be opened.

It is time the whole country came to know about the full extent of the crimes Zanupf has committed. Crimes against humanity and economic crimes.

If President Mnangagwa is genuine, and he has nothing to hide, then another commission is in order. One that will dig into what happened in 2008. 6 people died in August. Hundreds died in 2008. Women and girls were raped, houses torched, civilians tortured. We all want to know what happened in 2008 and who were behind the genocidal attempt.

Jim knows. Shadreck Mashayamombe knows. A lot of former Zanupf members know, including Mai Mujuru, Ambrose Mutinhiri and the rest of G40.

We all have a right to know and Zanupf has no right to keep the details of this horrifying episode under a tight lid.

What happened in August was nothing compared to 2008 and Gukurahundi.

Chiwenga is said to have been at the top of what happened in 2008, with assistance from Didymus Mutasa. Chiwenga’s name has come up again over the 1st of August tragedy. Can President Mnangagwa say his hands are clean with a clear conscience?

The stories must be told and the perpetrators must be punished to the full extent of the law.

Some without shame prefer these sad issues be swept under the carpet. Justice must be done and done without fail. Jim Kunaka and other whistle blowers must tell the truth and nothing but the truth. Names must be named without fear or favor.

stanley goreraza