Goreraza: Chamisa more popular than ED, will win elections

Stanley Goreraza | Holding to the truth, Nelson Chamisa is mighty popular, far more popular than all the candidates probably combined. In a truly free and fair election, Chamisa would be Prom King.

In Goromonzi North is a Zanupf candidate by the name Ozious Bvute. He has done wonders in his target constituency. Roads have been improved, 600 people from surrounding communities have been absorbed into his workforce, every household received 20 roadrunners for rearing and many people have been loaned $200 payable in 6 months to start income generating projects of their choice. Bvute’s popularity has annihilated the presence of other candidates in this constituency.

Bvute is loved, but Emmerson Mnangagwa is not. Bvute is going to comfortably win this one but ED is not going to benefit anything from his candidates popularity.

ED was going to win this election without question marks had he adopted Bvutes Modus operandi. All he had to do was fix the cash crisis, clamp down on the abuse of mobile money, specifically ecocash, get the ball visibly rolling on those mega deals. Small things like a small cabinet, a smaller presidential motorcade, very small delegations to foreign countries and treating striking nurses with due respect and acknowledgement of their grievances, are very noticeable with the electorate. They look at and consider such minors.

People were going to reward him for giving them hope through noticeable improvement in their economic situation. The economy comes first and is above all else. Everything else comes second.

It’s the economy that was going to win ED this election.

I know he is going to win. But I also know it’s not going to be a genuine win. stanley goreraza

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