Prices have gone helter-skelter with images of the President being fixed to dart boards  as sharp and piercing words are angrily thrown at him on social media and general national discourse.

But Va Mnangagwa is only following what everyone with authority on economic matters advised. He has rightly left the meeting of demand and supply to market forces. The moment he grabs a hammer like his predecessor to halt the free movement of prices, it becomes smash and break! Things will go from bad to worse. Goods will move from shops to the black market as prices reach zero gravity.

Our business people adopted a culture of unethical practices during the unforgettable years of record breaking inflation. Business ethics and morals were abandoned during that time as survival of the fittest became the only rule. Since then we have never been really ethical and responsible in our business conduct. Just listen to this : Transport into town costs a dollar during the day and from 4:30 when people knock off, Kombi fares soar to $4 or even $5. There is no justification for this kind of abuse and it can only be explained by greed, the same motivation for corruption!

Yes the economy is in bad shape but in an environment where greed and profiteering are rampant, what do we expect? We must also blame ourselves for our unwelcome circumstances.

Everyone providing a product or service is after a windfall. That kind of attitude is destructive when it is widespread and accepted as perfectly normal.

stanley goreraza