12-09-2017|HARARE:Legendary newscaster Godfrey Majonga yesterday broke his silence on whether VP Emmerson Mnangagwa forced him to plunge several stories out of a Harare apartment window during an alleged clash over a woman in 1987.

Upon being contacted for comment yesterday Majonga said he had nothing to say.

He is now the director of Danhiko Project.

Victim: Former journalist Godfrey Majonga

Meanwhile, analysts have said the continued onslaught on VP Emmerson Mnangagwa could drive the 74 year old politician to a point where he might have to make difficult choices if it is indeed true that he harbors ambitions to succeed the incumbent.

Since his elevation to the position of VP, Mnangagwa has been on the ropes for allegedly failing to restrain his perceived presidential ambitions.

This happens when it is becoming clear as day light that Defense Minister, Sydney Sekeramayi, is Mugabe’s preferred successor, not ED Mnangagwa.

The President’s wife, Doctor Grace, spilled the beans in front of Mnangagwa and live TV cameras that ‘when Mugabe had a near death experience recently,’ he summoned Sekeramayi to his ‘deathbed’ proving once again that the later is closer to his heart than Emmerson Mnangagwa.

On the same occasion, President Mugabe did something very damaging; For the first time, he spoke about the Majonga incident in the process portraying Mnangagwa as a heartless womaniser  who can murder if things don’t get his way.

If Mnangagwa is just an unlucky innocent person he will one day soon come out and set the record strait on Majonga story, if he does not, people will continue to speculate  and ask for answers.

He has spoken and tried to distance himself from Gukurahundi genocide, Lacoste faction, rebel war vets and ice cream poison but it is now thirty years since Majonga has been confined to the wheelchair.

This is the story that refuses to go away and it needs answers:

Mnangagwa immediately flew into a rage after finding Majonga with the same woman he was dating. The then feared state security minister ordered his bodyguards to switch on a stove. When it was red hot, the furious Mnangagwa gave Majonga two choices, either to sit on the hot stove or to jump out of a third floor window. Majonga was thrown out of the flat and landed on hard concrete, breaking his spine and suffering injuries which would confine him to a wheelchair for life.

Mr Mnangagwa, it’s about time you speak to clear your name; If you don’t, the cable wielding lady faction will do the talking for you.

C Mabhena