File Images: GOBLINS are reportedly terrorising students and teachers stationed at Majiji Primary School, Bubi District, in Matabeleland Nortrh Province.

Reports say mysterious manifestations from the learners and their teachers have now led to the closure of the learning institution.

So devastating have been the effects of the attacks from the goblins as it is also being reported that the weird creatures were now sexually abusing the teachers and the pupils while the community living near the school were also said to be pestered by the fiends.

A self-styled prophet from the area, only identifieds as Madzibaba, reportedly failed to chase away the goblins that are wreaking havoc in the area.

Villagers in the area are now up in arms with Madzibaba after he failed to cleanse the school of the evil spirits, Majiji school development committee chairperson John Sibanda told a local publication.

“Unfortunately, the results did not satisfy the community members after the situation got worse. A meeting was held and it was decided that those with spiritual powers should be called in to assist remove the goblins,” he said.

“Madzibaba visited the school last week and performed his magic, unfortunately, the ceremony did not yield the desired results because the abuse by goblins has escalated even more,” Sibanda added.

“Parents were fuming saying Madzibaba failed to remove the goblins. He only captured a small snake from a male teacher’s cottage. The community now claim that the captured snake is the same as other snakes that are usually found at Majiji and other surrounding communities in Mbembeswana.

“The school is now empty because lessons have been disturbed for a full week after teachers left to flee the goblins. The female teachers who were terrorised by the goblins came back last Sunday, but complained that the situation has actually gotten worse. They did not sleep last night.”

According to Sibanda, different prophets were asked to assist, but only Madzibaba turned up.

Education director for Matabeleland North POrovince, Jabulani Mpofu was not reachable for comment.