In a spine-chilling, rare and shuttering development that has left village dwellers from rural Zhombe dumbstruck, a goat from a peasantry family in the area recently gave birth to a kid with a human head and other human features, Zwnews reports.

The grotesque incident which has been viewed by the villagers as an act of witchcraft took place in the Mancitshana area in the Zhombe communal area, Midlands Province.

Chief Gwesela, under whose jurisdiction Mancitshana Village falls, confirmed the rare development, while adding that they intended to invite witchdoctors and other traditional leaders in the pursuit of cleansing the area.

“Its quite shocking, really,” said the paramount Chief (born Wait Gwesela).

“We recently witnessed a goat that gave birth to a kid with a human head and the entire village is still in a state of shock over this. We are still perplexed by this development. So, we have decided to consult witchdoctors as a way of cleansing the area of bad spirits,” said the traditional leader.

This is not the first time that Chief Gwesela’s Zhombe has been hogging the limelight for bizarre happenings.

Last year, a woman from the area kept puzzled villagers talking for months on long, after she gave birth to babies with severe abnormalities.

According to sources, this happened after the woman had been involved in a fierce altercation with another villager who threatened her, saying:

“Uchawona hako (You shall see)”.

In light of the circumstances surrounding the woman’s delivering of twins with monstrous features, this resulted in many pointing to witchcraft and African magic as the scapegoats for the woman’s predicament.