Strange items including trails of blood, salt, and other unknown substances were left at the grave of Ronald Mukumbira, who died after allegedly being assaulted by MDC-T’s VP Elias Mudzuri.

As reported by Zimlive, it is believed the purpose of such things, by whomever, was to disarm an avenging spirit.

Meanwhile, in the Shona tradition it is believed that if one kills someone, the spirit (Ngozi) of the dead person would torment the killer’s family.

In some cases the spirit would demand a girl child, cattle or both as appeasement, and it is believed the tormenting would stop.

Apparently, the Zimbabwe Republic Police recently arrested several people for dumping Mukumbira’s body at the home of his alleged murderer, Mudzuri.

Meanwhile, police were yet to question Mudzuri, who was named by the dying man.

-Zwnews/ Zimlive
Pictures courtesy of Zimlive