Grain Marketing Board(GMB) managers across the country have allegedly been left exposed for conniving to dupe government millions of dollars in botched maize deals.

According to a message circulating on social media, one of the frustrated GMB workers has set the cat among the pigeons.

Below is a full message:

On maize GMB is selling maize to Millers at $447 per tonne. Which is $13 410 per truck.

Government is buying that maize from farmers at $726. Which is $21 780.

Now GMB Depot managers were selling maize to each other. For example GMB Lions Den will release a truck at $426/tonne and pretends it’s going to a Miller and he sends it to another Depot in Chingoti or Murombedzi.

That depot “buys” that maize at $726/tonne. In just a space of 3 hours and 1 truck the 2 Depot Managers have just made $8370… That depot manager can send it back and the cycle continues.

Now a depot dispatches almost 80-100 trucks daily. Government continues to see money being spent and it thinks more maize stocks are being built but it’s the same trucks rotating.

Right now we are seating on some little grains and it’s dangerous.