Various Facebookers took a scathing attack on FC Platinum player, Gift Bello after he posted comments on his account which seemed to be bizzarely celebrating the nasty accident that left Dynamos player Partson Jaure battling for his life on Sunday.
Bello had to remove the first controversial post he made soon after news filtered that the Dembare star had seriously been injured after the Toyota Runex he was driving rammed on a tree early Sunday morning.
In the post, Bello said “Don’t drink and drive” inviting widespread attacks from Facebookers following him on the macro- logging site.
But, as if that was not enough, Bello went on to make another post, which he was yet to remove from his wall during the time of publishing. Writing in vernacular Shona, Bello said Seka urema wafa, a Shona idiom which can be roughly translated to ‘laugh at a cripple when you are dead’.
This resulted in internet users venting their anger on the ‘Pure Platinum Player’.
“Aikaka. Saka zvikutofadza nhai? (So this (Jaure accident) really makes you happy?” questioned on Facebook user.
Another user implored on Bello to avoid disowning his antagonistic comments in the future on the false pretext that his account could have been hacked.
“Gift Bello usazoti account hacked wapfeka apolojersey panapa. This is not on at all. I checked your earlier post yawati DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE. It’s gone, you have pulled it down (sic). You have your own reasons for doing this but as I said earlier, that’s not on”, said the user.
Bello, who appears to have an irretrievably sour relationship with Jaure did not even appear set to mince his words as he faced his attackers post-for-post while defending his hate comments.
Pictures of Jaure bathed in blood went viral on social media after the accident. He was reportedly rescued by paramedics from Harare city council.


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