The National Elections Commission (NEC) will decide the fate of alleged G40 members facing disciplinary action, with pending issues having to be resolved first before such party members could be allowed to participate in primary elections, Zanu PF Midlands secretary for information and publicity, Cornelius Mupereri has said.

The Midlands provincial elections directorate (PED) recently indicated that it did not have the power to recommend alleged G40 MPs like Jason Machaya, Chiratidzo Mabuwa and Fred Moyo to contest in the upcoming primary elections.

The directorate said the final decision will come from the NEC which was mandated to decide the suitability of candidates.

Speaking at a meeting in Gweru last week, Mupereri said the province was limited in the recommendations they could make.

“The position of the province concerning prospective candidates who are facing disciplinary hearing is that their cases need to be resolved first. It’s not, however, for the province to decide as the National Elections Commission will finalise.

“So what we will do is to highlight our recommendations and documents of the candidates and send them to the commission. They will then make a decision on whether a candidate is suitable to contest or not.

“We are happy that we have received an overwhelming response from aspiring candidates of all districts and only a few seats went uncontested. We largely have more than five aspiring contestants for each seat. It means people are very appreciative of the party and have a kin interest to represent the party,” said Mupereri.

Provincial chairperson, Daniel Mackenzie Ncube said the submission of CVs for seats in the senate, parliament, provincial council and local authorities had to be inspired by the desire to see the party winning.

“Our job as the provincial elections directorate was just to receive the CVs and make recommendations to members who are suitable to be nominated. So the final list will come from the NEC and the party’s ways are supposed to be followed in giving recommendations,” said Ncube. tell zim