The Zimbabwe senior national soccer team, the Warriors, could be infamous for their big stage disappointments which can be testified by the team’s failure to break the jinx of qualifying for the prestigious FIFA World Cup but the future certainly looks bright for the country after English Premier League side, Chelsea FC, last Friday signed Josh Masara, an 8-year-old Zimbabwean football starlet.

Josh’s parents, Billy and Olinda Masara took to their Twitter handles to express their elation following the signing of the contract between their promising child and Chelsea Academy. The talented juvenile was also reported to have been on the plans of the Blues’ London rival Arsenal before he finally opted for Chelsea.

Olinda shared pictures of Billy on her handle, captioned: “Contract Signed. He is now an official Chelsea Player. Contract Signed. Deal Done Deal Signed”.

On the other hand, Billy also proudly shared his son’s pictures which he simply captioned: “Young man signed by the Academy. Masara 09”.

The development aroused much interest amongst Zimbabwe’s internet users who view the inspiring move as a positive precursor to good times for Zimbabwean football.

“May he excel and flourish at Chelsea. And may he cause the name of the Masara’s be known and celebrated worldwide,” one Twitter user Kudzai Kaukau said.

The continued under-performance of the Zimbabwe Warriors and local premiership clubs has largely been blamed on the failure by football authorities to establish strong grassroots policies to tap the abundant talent which the country possesses.


Additional Reporting: Zwnews