The Zimbabwe National Road Administration (ZINARA) has come under fire after it emerged that it spent overUS$60 000 on hairstyle allowance with one boutique pocketing more than US$25 000 on having hair done for Zinara female managers.

ZINARA’S mismanagement and maladministration scam was unearthed by a  Parliamentary  Public Accounts Committee chaired by Tendai Biti (MDC-Alliance).

It emerged that ZINARA has been paying two salaries for the suspended Mrs. Nancy Masiyiwa-Chamisa and acting CEO Mrs. Mathlene Mujokoro for the chief executive officer post for the past 12 months. The road authority has also been spending thousands of United States dollars on hairstyles, food hampers, and gym allowances for managers.

The legislators were also notified that ZINARA also simultaneously spent US$4 000 on each director in buying and installing gym equipment at their residences and paid monthly subscriptions for their gym at upmarket clubs in Harare.

This is not the first time the road authority has come under fire for maladministration of public funds. There have also been tendering issues within the authority that implicated the management.