Open Letter to Chiwenga, SB Moyo and PV Sibanda.

Dear Comrades


Guys, please enlighten me together with the majority of Zimbabweans as well as the international community. What exactly did you mean by OPERATION RESTORE LEGACY. DID YOU MEAN:

recalling a coward, docile and corrupt person from self imposed exile to come and lead us as President.

Restoring the extreme suffering of the Zimbabweans.

Letting corruption be the order of the day.

Allowing the Chinese and Russians to loot our precious minerals.

Condemning 99.9% of the citizens to poverty.

Legacy of stealing elections

Legacy of capturing the judiciary.

Please tell me: What legacy did you restore. It looks like the economic situation is deteriorating every day and you are not perturbed. What is really going on in your minds. Do you hate us that much.

Are you aware of what is happening in Algeria and Sudan. What gives you the assurance that Zimbos will not rise against you.

In November 2017, the majority of Zimbos could afford to buy bread, meat, mealie meal, fruits, fuel and other basics. It is really the opposite of what’s happening now.

We had a lot of hope in you. That is the reason why we rallied behind you when you staged the coup. We really thought that as soldiers you are disciplined, corruption free, focussed and endowed with great and visionary strategies to take Zimbabwe forward. But Alas, this country is taking giant steps towards 2008.

Mugabe was very old of course and he needed to rest but we really miss his leadership. His cabinet was better off than what we are seeing. Chinamasa was way better that this criminal called Ntuli Ncube. What Ntuli Ncube knows best is to steal from the citizens and make them suffer like he did with his Barbican Bank. In all fairness, how did you agree with his appointment. Are you not aware that he was a fugitive from justice. What did you expect from such criminal. All his policies are making the people suffer. Ncube is talking of austerity measures to a country that does not have a currency of its own… Its shear madness!!!!

Cde Chiwenga, SB. Moyo and PV Sibanda, People are angry. It is time you show us the legacy that we desire. We know you are capable of doing it.

You will lose nothing by accommodating Chamisa and his team into the leadership. In fact you will earn respect for uniting the nation.

You fought and won the liberation struggle because the masses were behind you. Do not underestimate the power of the masses. One day you may live to regret it.

Last but not least, you have very little time left for you to take corrective measures. Please don’t take this as a threat but a sure warning of what is about to happen.

P/S Zimbabwe is for us all. Please do not protect ED, Ntuli Ncube and cabal, who are causing untold suffering of the people who supported your Operation Restore Legacy. ED and Ncube were in exile at the time.

Till I hear from you!!!

Yours Comradely

Hungry Zimbabwean

source: zimbabwean citizen