Fugitive businessman, Malvin Chimutashu, was arrested on Tuesday and charged with theft of a motor vehicle.

The latest charges relate to Tawanda Madzivanzira’s purchase of a Mercedes Benz from Chimutashu, which he subsequently gave to a friend, who owns a car dealership, to sell for US$15 000.

In February, Chimutashu contacted Madzivanzira and asked whether he had sold the vehicle.

He was told that it was still on the market.

Chimutashu allegedly told Madzivanzira that he had secured a buyer.

He arranged to view the car with two men, claiming to be interested in buying it, and took the vehicle on a test drive and never returned.

The car has not yet been recovered.

Chimutashu had been on the run for allegedly defrauding Ionna Kiki Georgias of a Mercedes Benz worth US$30 000.

He was remanded in custody.

Text/ image- H Metro