A fresh bid to repatriate the remains of Mbuya Nehanda and Sekuru Kaguvi from a British Museum is reported to be in the pipeline.

Organisers of the process have set a Repatriation Conference set for July 27 in Leicester City in UK. It is hoped that the conference will pave way for negotiations with British authorities.

Eugine Majuru, one of the event organisers revealed to NewZimbabwe.com that the event is meant to raise awareness.

We are working very hard to make sure that the remains are repatriated to Zimbabwe and also raise awareness around the Zimbabwean history culture, tradition and norms.

Zimbabweans abroad particularly in the United Kingdom came up with the idea to hold a Repatriation Conference to be held in Leicester.

The one day conference is also expected to bring light to issues pertaining to Zimbabwean history, Independence and Chimurenga War of Liberation and will have a direct effect on journey to spearhead repatriation of Royalties to the motherland.

The event panel will comprise of Professor George Shire, Masimba Mavaza, Lloyd Msipa, Pastor Richard Tembo, Linos Wengara, Elliot Bvepfe, Prisca Chireka, Morrisen Mamutse, Xavier Zavare, Pardon Tapfumaneyi, Last Mafuba, Nerriah Mashamna and Aunty Jenny Musonza.

Mbuya Nehanda and Sekuru Kaguvi played critical roles in the First Chimurenga. Their deaths inpired future generations to wage the liberation war. The Zimbabwean government tried but in vain to recover their relics from the UK in 2015.