Former Bradford University lecturer accused of plotting to manufacture and transfer sub-machine guns made using a 3D printer today told a jury he was building a racing car and making vehicle parts.

Sibusiso Moyo, who was giving evidence at Sheffield Crown Court, said he was born in Zimbabwe and came to Bradford aged 18 as a refugee.

He studied computer science and systems support and gained a Masters degree at Bradford University.

The father of four, 41, of Elloughton Grove, Hull, said he had lectured at Bradford College and the city’s university and taught in schools on a voluntary basis.

He met Majeeb Rehman, 46, of Central Avenue, Little Horton, Bradford, about 17 years ago when they were playing basketball in Great Horton Park.

The third defendant, Christopher Gill, 35, of Dick Lane, Bradford, lived nearby and they shared an interest in computer games and working on cars.

Moyo said he was building a racing car and bought a 3D printer for that and to make cheaper car parts.

He denied that it had anything to do with manufacturing guns.

He said that in 2021, Rehman showed him a sports bag he had found after it was stashed by a local drug dealer.

It contained packages of weed and what looked like a toy gun in pieces.
Gill was also present when Rehman had the bag, Moyo stated.

He said the gun parts would look nice on his wall painted gold as an ornament, like the guns in Call of Duty.

Moyo said Gill bought the plastic gun to his house to be sprayed ‘a clear colour’ in September or October that year and it looked like a toy to him.

Rehman later told him that the dealer had found out he had ‘taken his stuff.’

He wanted Rehman and Gill to pay for the weed they had used and the plastic bits.

Moyo said Rehman asked to borrow money but he declined to lend him any.

Moyo and Gill plead not guilty to conspiracy with others unknown to manufacture prohibited firearms.

They and Rehman deny conspiracy to transfer a prohibited firearm, an FGC-9 hybrid carbine sub-machine gun, to persons unknown on May 17, 2022, and possessing ammunition, eight 9mm Luger cartridges, without a firearms certificate.

Moyo and Gill also deny two charges of having a prohibited weapon for sale or transfer.

Moyo pleads not guilty to possession of an identity document with improper intention.

The trial continues.

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