A former opposition Member of Parliament has sensationally claimed that they used to tell their members- especially youths and women- to fake ‘abductions, assaults and disappearances’ in the pursuit of tarnishing the image of the ruling Zanu PF.

Gabriel Chaibva, the former MDC legislator for Harare South constituency got internet users talking after he made the sensational claims, adding that he crafted the idea of faking abductions and assaults together with Tendai Biti (above) and Job Sikhala (pictured below), who are now senior members of the Nelson Chamisa-led main opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) party.

Posting on his official page, Chaibva tweeted:

“When I was still with MDC we used to tell the youth, women and others in the structures to fake abductions, assaults and disappearances so as to tarnish the image of the ruling party Zanu PF. Myself, Job Sikhala and Tendai Biti together with Lovemore Chinoputsa crafted the idea”.

His remarks invited mixed reactions from social media users, with some alleging that Chaibva- who has since defected to Zanu PF- is now lying to the nation in a bid to tarnish the image of the CCC.

Below, we publish some of the reactions to the post. Read On:

Why are you just saying it now after 12 years of your jumping ship? Is there any normal person who will believe your except your paymasters nhai Sekuru wangu. Do you know that your father died from injuries that he sustained at the hands of Zanu PF because of your being MDC?- Warship Dumba @warship_dumba

Cde @ChaibvaG with all due respect, you’re definitely one of those ZANU Bomboclaats that Chamisa warned us about. Joining ZANU is like joining witchcraft. That’s is why your heart is now full of hatred- denzo @Denzoo99

Hachina kuibva icho. Not worthy kuti unzi chaibva-

kasaru Chari @Charles82333973

(Job Sikhala) I am not surprised by this confession. People like you who have failed to outgrow stupid student activism and mature into proper politicians thrive on attention-seeking drama to make up for their political pedigree deficit. Grow up as Cde Chaibva & others did-

Nobleman Runyanga @NobleRunyanga