Former Minister of Foreign Affairs Walter Mzembi has saluted Zambian President Hakainde Hichilema for keeping the details of his meeting on the Zimbabwean crisis under wraps.

Hichilema yesterday chaired a Southern African Development Community SADC Troika meeting which deliberated on a number of issues among them the regional body’s election observer mission report.

Meanwhile, Hichilema has kept the outcome of the meeting a secret.

“No-one has a hint of what transpired in the SADC Troika yesterday. It should remain that way to allow due process.

“Social media speculation is not helpful, because it throws everyone in the pigsty.

“No need for propaganda overdrive Hichilema has been deeply diplomatic
Let’s give peace a chance,” says Mzembi.

He adds: “Vuvuzela Diplomacy will not assist anyone because the dogs of war on either side are waiting to pounce. Diplomacy itself with social media has migrated from its traditional realm of State actors to Public Diplomacy.

“Citizens are better and well informed, better trained than those assigned the privilege to serve them. Over propaganda, all knowing, acerbic offensive communication strategy no longer cuts it , factuality laced in decorum carries the public better.

“Outsourcing hungry information ballistic merchants as a State information defense system is a disastrous strategy in 2023!

“It’s time to retrain our information gurus in public diplomacy.”

Posting on his X handle after the meeting, Hichilema said:

“Presided over a virtual conference for the #SADC Organ on Politics, Defence & Security.

Discussed security challenges in Eastern DRC & ongoing establishment of SADC Mission in DRC (SAMIDRC).

It was good to get updates on previous & upcoming elections in our region.”

Meanwhile, Mzembi says such diplomacy should be commended, so as not to jeopardize any processes that would take place.