Former Minister of Foreign Affairs Walter Mzembi says there are two things which ZANU PF or President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa can do to stop a Southern African Development Community SADC delegation to solve political impasse in Harare.

He says simply not guaranteeing the delegation safety on landing is one such critical move to stop the envoy.

A SADC delegation has been anticipated to come to Harare in order to facilitate a settlement to the country’s political crisis.

This is after the recently held disputed elections which were roundly condemned by observer missions.

Mzembi writes:

I have been getting some enquiries on how ZANU ( PF ) can block or Mnangagwa impede a Resolution of SADC to despatch a team to Harare to engage the parties to the disputed Election ;

They simply don’t issue the invitation ; noone can just pitch up in Harare uninvited.

This is what is happening.
This is what happened and stopped President Lourenco of Angola from leading a Team of two other Presidents to present a SADC solution we had drafted & resolved as Ministers of Foreign Affairs during the Coup; despite insisting he would fly into Harare, he was not guaranteed safety on landing.

These are little but critical matters that can abet, facilitate or stop a process, it is protocol.

So if there is such a mission envisaged for Harare it is parked in the Protocol bay for now.