A former Editor with the state-run Herald newspaper, Tichaona Zindoga, has claimed that Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his Harare administration are ‘fearful’ and apparently ‘clueless’ as the July 31 date for anti-Government protests fast approaches.

Tichaona Zindoga

Zindoga, who was in October last year unceremoniously dismissed from The Herald amid allegations that he secretly held a meeting with fugitive former Zanu PF minister Saviour Kasukuwere in South Africa, said Zanu PF will likely resort to ‘hard power’ in the event that Zimbabweans do not succumb to threats from its visibly panicking officials.

We publish below, Zindoga’s sentiments posted in a thread on his Twitter handle:

Fear of #July31.

Watching the news last (Thursday) night, I realised the (Mnangagwa government) is as fearful as it is clueless about how it should react. It has clearly blinked first: pleading, scaremongering about #covid19Zim and issuing subtle threats. It’s last option will be hard power.

1. This is not new.

What is important for stakeholders to ensure there are clear and irretrievable goals (what’s up for the morning after?) which must be clinically pursued by a strategy that ensures that attainment of goals are swift and there is a situational turnaround.

2. Government reaction…

It is clear that pleadings and threats, subtle or obvert, are not going to work in what is clearly a build up of a deluge of pressure. It’s reaction should be anchored on preserving national peace and harmony and ensure that there is no bloodshed.

3. Security forces…

Zim regime is a hybrid military-civilian outfit where the former hoods aces in power retention and transfer. This time, it will again face choice between standing with the people or (Mnangagwa). The situation in Zim is overwhelmingly instructive..

4. International Community…

As usual, has vested interests in the affairs of the country. This is largely divisive. However, the I.C. is likely to watch closely and be ready, first to put pressure against the Gvt and legitimate the protests, and to mediate if a crisis develops.