Former Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) Member of Parliament for Mabvuku/Tafara, James Chidakwa was abducted by suspected state agents who tortured him and cut his dreadlocks using a sharp object.

According to the party, he sustained a deep wound on his head.

CCC condemned what the party calls the inhumane behavior, saying it is a result of the flawed, shambolic, and disorganized elections.

“This is the head of Hon James Chidakwa, former CCC MP for Mabvuku/ Tafara, that was cut by a sharp object by the regime in Harare.

“He sustained a deep wound on his head.

“This inhumane behavior, resulting from the flawed, shambolic, and disorganized elections that Mr. Mnangagwa lost, must be condemned by all local, regional, continental, and international authorities.

“This must STOP. Why assault and attack innocent people if you believe you won the elections,” said the main opposition party.

Since the recent disputed polls, CCC says its members and officials have been subjected to abduction and torture.

At one point, CCC president Nelson Chamisa said members of his party are being abducted so that they could disclose his plans.