Mzansi actress Florence Masebe was not impressed with a young man on Twitter who referred to her with an endearing name. Florence put the man in his place very quickly and told him how to address her properly.

The man who uses the handle @AgapeMutwa on Twitter asked Florence what her take on Ben 10s was after she posted a stunning picture of herself. Ben 10s are men who date women who are much older than them.

Then Florence asked him if he had written about it, to which he responded: “You tell me gorgeous”.Florence was annoyed with the man’s response and told him not to address her in that way.

She tweeted: “Makhadzi. I am addressed as Makhadzi.” Makhadzi is a TshiVenda term for women who are elders but it is also used for anyone who is assumed to take on the role of the woman in a family.

It is a term of respect that is used by people who are part of the Venda tribe in South Africa. Florence was just not having it and doesn’t want any young men taking chances with her. As gorgeous as she is, she is not interested in entertaining a Ben 10 anytime soon.

Briefly previously reported that Mzansi actress Flo Masebe revealed she doesn’t own a comb for her hair.

Actress Florence Masebe usually takes the time to give advice about natural hair on social media, but this time she’s revealed something new. Flo told her followers that she does not own a comb and doesn’t use one for her natural hair routine.

“I say often that I don’t comb my hair. I also don’t go through what many call wash day blues,” said the actress. Flo also told her followers what type of shampoo she uses to wash her hair. The actress said that she has stayed loyal to the sunlight green bar.